“Creativity comes from sharing”

Collaboration X Willie Cauley-Stein, player of Sacramento Kings.
“Inside the Kingdom Episode 14 – “Step Away From the Game””

Is a project dedicated to different moments of player’s life. This time Willie Cauley-Stein visited San Francisco to create his own watches collection in Modify.

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“Mas que muros”
Book by Bogotart

“Los murales cambian la experiencia cotidiana de las personas. es otra forma de percibir la ciudad…”


Street-Art – Bogota, Colombia – @bogotart
Girls ‘n Cans 2016 – Kortrijk, Belgium
By Graffiti VZW, Belgium

Girls ‘n cans is an event that every year develop different projects to link arts and urban culture with the community. This year this project had place in a school were the topic was the Jungle. The main idea was to create a colorful and tropical enviroment for the kids that goes to this school, in order to make them familiarized with the natives and the animals that lives there, and the importance to preserve and respect the nature.

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Interview Sorry not sorry 2017 – Ghent, Belgium
By Graffiti VZW, Belgium

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Guest artist
Sacramento, CA
Title: Ganesh 

Dedicated to the Indian community integration in USA. Processes of cultural and geographical integration in american society. Keep the roots. Piece created for the 5th anniversary of Few and Far.

Mount Rushmore 2016
Games room in Brigade, San Francisco, CA

Specially designed for the snacks room of an american start up based in the Bay Area.