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Services Product design, Strategy, Design system

Have you ever been interested in urban art, but you don’t even know how to start? How to get a wall? How to do it legally and actually how to paint on a big scale?

Lemur is a map-based platform that connects members of the community through art and technology. Generating easy access to graffiti, stencil, and street-art techniques. Promoting responsible practice, cultural movements, urban art, and tolerance.
The problem
  • Undeveloped urban space.
  • High rates of illegal practice on public spaces, monuments, and historical buildings. Which generates high expenses in cleaning.
  • An Artistic practice not regulated therefore is penalized radically.
  • Lack of integration in multicultural communities due to the social prejudices generated by the media.
My role

Create the user interface, visual design system, master library, interactive prototyping, testing iterations. I also participated in ideation, research, wireframing, and flow chart.

Design Process
Initial Wireframes & UI Design
Content Components
Visual Design System
First Experience
App Store
Digital Assets
Master library

We compiled these components in a master library in order to maintain consistent the design system. This Assets library will increase since this is just the beginning of the product, so having everything centralized allow us to track new iterations as well.

Lessons learned

This was a challenging project. We integrated 3 users with different needs and create an easy-to-use experience for all of them. Even though we tried to keep consistent the experience, not all the components were equal.  We created a set of components to function across the entire platform but due to the difference of needs we had to incorporate more of it according to the user. We ended with some inconsistencies.

Product launch

We ramped this platform in a small percentage to be able to analyze the community’s behavior, although the extensive user research this still a very sensitive topic because we are creating an inclusive platform. We hoped to launch Brussels at first then move to more cities. We envisioned Lemur becoming community-based, filled with features like creating and sharing your own artistic projects.

These results will allow us to prove to the local authorities that legalizing this activity will decline the rates of illegal cases and to give Lémur more free walls to add to the platform.