Web Design

Client: Modify Industries
Date: June 23, 2016
Services: Web design, E-newsletter, Social Media

Email confirmation


Modify is a watches company hand-assembled in San Francisco. They have a wide catalog of custom watches with designs by artists, non-profit organizations, talented musicians and influencers. The customer must create an account where he can order and customize the product. Once the transaction is made, they will receive a confirmation email with all the details of the purchase. Being a company that works with artists and designers, they seek to have a friendly and effective contact with the clients. So we designed different animations for the email confirmations. 


Customer service is one of the priorities of this company. They seek to improve the bridge of communication with customers and make them have a good experience buying the product. The result of creating friendly animations confirming their purchases was successful, we received positive feedbacks about the confirmation emails and the customer service through the surveys. 

Desktop Copy 2

Social media & e-newsletter


Every day Modify is launching artists, sports, music and non-profit storefronts. The design of the look and feel is according the brief of the campaign of the day or week, creating the different social media posts and coordinating the  photoshoots following the concept to create lifestyle templates.


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